Unity Game Development Academy: Make 2D & 3D Games

Unity Game Development Academy: Make 2D & 3D Games

Course Description

As per Google statistics, there are total 1.4 billion active Android devices around the Globe. Out of 3,000,000 apps, available on the Google Play Store, there are all types and kinds of apps which may be treated as the game apps.

As a whole, almost 1000 billion hours user-time is spent on the game play while 13 billion games and other apps are downloaded from the Google Play Store.With this story line, there are 10,000 app developers who are busy in game development. There is a trillions of dollars market which is open for the developers of the games, apps and other related software for Android devices. One can say, safely, that sky is the limit for the games and app developers. Still, Google is encouraging the developers to make more and more apps for the Android users as the apps are not coming edge to edge with the ever-increasing number of Android users. So, this is the time to enter the development area, not only for the games but also for the apps.

There is a hair line difference between the Android apps and Android games development as both stems from the same software platforms. Any developer with some basic knowledge of some development can become an Android app and game developer. Now, the trillion-dollar development industry is open before you where you may enter with no investment but simple skills. Simple development skills can make you earn enormous revenue by becoming an Android Game Developer.

This Android game development training program is designed to make you an expert if you are a beginner. With the forerunner Android game development training in Lahore, you may make your dreams come true. Among the many Android game courses training in Lahore, we occupy the unique position due to our vast multi-line training experience, the highly qualified & skillful trainers, the state of the art training labs and our excellently designed programs which make us to provide one of the best Android game development courses in Lahore city. Success of our dozens of the students in the software industry is evident of the usability and practicability of Android game development courses.

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What is Android Game Development?

Android, a leading mobile phone and tablet software operating system for mobile devices. Android is a simple operating system which allow many other software to perform different jobs and activities, such as, the photo snaps taking, the video play, game playing, the calculation, different apps to send and receive emails and many other functions. But, one function which is essential to almost all mobile phones is the gaming. As per survey, almost all the Android users play games in their spare time. These games are not part of the Android operating system but are downloaded from the Google Play Store and are developed by third party developers who sell these games to the Android users through the Google Play Store.

Here, we teach the students to develop such games for the Android mobile devices.

What You Will Learn in This Training Program?

Our basic aim is to train the students to develop and make games for the Android operating system. After completion of this program, we will transform your simple software development skills into a high level software development environment where you may make games for the World-reknowned Android operating system. Due to the huge demand of the Android app developers, our trained students are hired by the software houses, around the World, upon a competitive higher salary. Our qualified and trained students are high in demand in and around the Lahore software market.

Our training program is not just the knowledge-based software education program but our all the activities revolve around the on-hand training which is acquired by following the different modules. At the end of each module, a practical project to develop simple apps and games is given to individual students and in groups of students as well.

The different modules, covering the Android game development program, are given below:

  • Game Development & Getting to know Unity
  • Understanding Game Space & Scene
  • Scripting in C#
  • Game Physics & AI
  • Weapons & Game Life
  • Creating Particle Systems & Special Effects
  • User Interface & GUI
  • Finishing Game Content

1. Introduction and Environment Setting
1.1 Unity Interface, Essential Concepts, 2D Space and 3D Space.
1.2 Setting Camera & Lighting.
1.3 Assignment 1.

2. Scripting and Codingl
2.1 Scripts as Behaviour Components, Variables and Functions, Syntax, C# vs. JS, If Statements,
Loops, Scope and Access Modifiers, Awake and Start, Update and Fixed Update, Vector Maths,
Enabling and Disabling Components, Activating Game Objects & Translate and Rotate.

3. Scripting and Coding2
3.1 Linear Interpolation, Destroy, Get Button and Get Key and Get Axis.
3.2 OnMouseDown, Get Component, Delta Time & Data Types.
3.3 Classes, Instantiate, Arrays, Invoke, Enumerations & Switch Statements.
3.4 Assignment2.

4.1 What is User Interface ?
4.2 Text, Button (On click & Events), Image, Slider & Assignment 3.

5. Player Preference and Sounds
5.1 Store Game Data in Local Mobile Storage.
5.2 Handling Sounds in the Game.

6. Physics
6.1 Colliders & Triggers.
6.2 Collisions.
6.3 Rigid bodies & Joints.
6.4 Materials.
6.5 Ray casting.
6.6 Assignment4.

7. Animation
7.1 Animation View
7.2 Properties.
7.3 Curves and Events.
7.4 Asset A Pl.
7.5 Animator.

8. Roll a Ball Game
8.1 Concept .
8.2 Environment.
8.3 Player.
8.4 Camera.
8.5 Play Area.
8.6 Pickups.
8.7 Displaying.

9. Android Development
9.1 Build the Game for Android Devices.
9.2 Assignment5.

10. Action Kit 1-2

11. Action Kit 2-2. Project Finalizing

12. Vehicle Kit

13. Intermediate Coding. Ads Integration

14. Project Problem Discussion

15. Project Submission